Vending Program Options

Customize your program. Choose your equipment. Our programs are designed to meet the needs of your business and your employees. Our professional sales team will meet with you to review your needs, discuss various options, and develop a proposal that is specific to your business and situation.

Choose from the different types of programs and vending machines we offer:

Traditional Vending – Jordan Distributing will provide vending machines free of charge and employees can purchase products at prices similar to convenience stores. The machines will accept both currency and coins and will give change.
Traditional Vending
Subsidized Vending – Jordan Distributing will place traditional vending machines and all (or some) of the products can be subsidized by the company. A good example is offering sodas at $0.25 per can. Jordan Distributing will then bill the company for the difference. Subsidized Vending
Free Vending - Some professional offices like to offer their employees free beverages and snacks. Jordan Distributing can provide beverage coolers and keep them stocked, billing the company for all products delivered. We can also provide a partial free program where some beverages are free, while others are available through traditional vending machines. Free Vending

Want to own and service your own machines? We sell soda, snack, and fresh food equipment and can provide products to you at wholesale prices. Contact us for more information.