Customer Survey

Company Name:
City/Vending Machine Location:
Person completing survey:
I am a current customer:


For each item identified below, check the number to the right that best fits your judgement of its quality.
Survey Item/Question Poor Satisfactory Excellent
1. Quality/Freshness of product in your machines. 1 2 3
2. Selection of products in your vending machines. 1 2 3
3. Equipment reliability. 1 2 3
4. Cleanliness of the vending machines. 1 2 3
5. Likelihood to purchase items from these machines. 1 2 3

6. Overall satisfaction with service.

1 2 3

7. Willingness of company or route driver to address my wants/needs.

1 2 3

8. Are there any particular products that frequently run out (e.g. Diet Coke, etc.)

9. What additional product/s would you like to see in your vending machine/s?

10. When is the last time you were contacted by anyone from your vending company?

11. Any additional comments and suggestions you may like to make: